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Douglas Arvidson is Available to Come to Your School

Douglas Arvidson holds an M.A. in speech and language pathology and worked with students in the elementary, middle school and high school settings and in community college classrooms for thirty-two years.

In addition to traveling and sailing, he is passionate about motivating students to love writing and to improve their writing skills.

Douglas Arvidson is available to come to your school to talk to students about the writing process. You may contact him to make arrangements.



"To have a real author come into my classroom generated a great deal of excitement among my 6th grade writing students. Mr. Arvidson engaged the entire class with his enthusiasm for writing and left a lasting impression."

- Mrs. J. Scarborough


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Selection of Photographs from Douglas Arvidson's Travels

Below are photos showing Douglas as he travels to some of his favorite locations:

Doug sailing his boat, the Vatna, off the coast of Guam.




Doug and Terry about to board the Trans-Siberian railroad for Moscow.



Doug on the island of Palau sitting with dancers from Papua New Guinea during the Pacific Arts Festival, summer 2004.



Navigating a fallen Japanese Zero in the Pacific.



Doug, celebrating the fact that he is the only man on the island of Pagan in the northern Marianas Islands.



Enjoying Ayer's rock in Australia.



Doug and Terry at home on their sailboat on the island of Guam.





Brothers of the Fire Star

Brothers of the Fire Star by Dougls Arvidson.This is a novel of war and adventure, courage and tragedy. When the Japanese invade the island of Guam in December 1941, two boys, Joseph and Napu, escape by sailing away at night in a small boat.

Can they learn to trust each other? Their desperate survival depends on it.    Read more...

The Face in Amber

Enjoy this complex adventure following the coming-of-age of a defiant young woman, as she discovers and learns to trust the strengths within herself.

When Sonoria learns that she and the people of the Stratus Valley are mere slaves to distant masters, she rebels. Joining a band of young barbarians, she escapes, riding her wild stallion Spiritus out of the Valley to freedom. Yet her denial of her eternal love for the dark and dangerous Dag-gar threatens to tear apart the very fabric of Time.. Read more...

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Budding Writers
Douglas Arvidson is passionate about helping budding writers learn the craft. He has prepared a program on writing designed for students. Learn More...

He is available to come to your school to talk to students about the writing process. More...

Ancient Skill, Dying Art: The Secrets of the Pacific Island Navigators In conjuntion with the novel, Brothers of the Fire Star, Douglas Arvidson has developed a dynamic presentation concerning the methods of navigation used by Pacific islanders for thousands of years. The presentation is appropriate for Scouting programs, yacht/sailing clubs, outdoor enthusiasts, boat shows, colleges, and middle school and high school science and social studies classes. To book, contact:

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